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Adding value to each drop since 1998

Aquagri's mission is to help farmers to be more efficient in the use of irrigation water, providing them with tools and information that support their decision in order to optimize irrigation management



All kinds of sensors for agriculture

Data Processing

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Data Cooking and data analysis by an experienced team



Irrigation management indicators

is a platform developed entirely
by Aquagri


Monitor your crop, add field notes, check the weather forecast. All of this in just one platform. Get access anywhere.

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Site specific weather forecast | Disease models | Frost warnings | ET0 calculation


NDVI data | EC soil mapping TSM | ETa IrriWatch


Irrigation management support | irrigation management plans | Field visits | Reports


Field notes | Crop performance evaluation | Alerts

Aquagri sells a range of devices to support irrigation management decisions
Find out when, how much and how to irrigate!

Soil moisture probes

Monitor and protect your crop!

Weather stations

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Desde 1998, a Aquagri é uma empresa especializada em Serviços e Equipamentos de Gestão de
Água de Rega, actividade na qual integra tecnologias de monitorização baseadas na Internet e
software de análise de dados para gestão de rega.

Talk to us

R. Carlos Vieira Ramos 47, r/c Esquerdo 

2780-216 Oeiras

Portugal | + 351 21 466 0773

PT Norte e Centro | +351 912 288 896

PT Ribatejo, Oeste e Alto Alentejo | +351 917 651 104

PT Baixo Alentejo e Algarve | +351 914 809 067

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