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Irrigation Management

Development and implementation of irrigation plans adjusted to the real needs of the crop in each stage of it’s cycle and according to the client's final strategy and production targets.


The client is provided with irrigation management support through remote conference calls, to ensure continuous assessment of the irrigation strategy and introduction of adjustments when needed.


Field visits as part of the on-going assessment of the crop development process, together with the client’s experts to match the irrigation strategy with the production targets.


Reports with performance evaluation, and planning for the management of the following irrigations.

Soil studies

Top soil mapping for irrigation projects.


Evaluation of soil hydrodynamic characteristics.


Results  interpretation for irrigation projects.


EC soil surveying.


Soil analysis - mobile laboratory


Soil / Plant / Water Relations.


Strategy and decision proceedings for irrigation management.


Equipment installation, operation and maintenance.


Irrigation and drainage design.


Maintenance of irrigation systems.

Irrigation design

Surface and buried drip irrigation, sprinkling irrigation and pivots.


Pumping and filtering stations.



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